About Penny Insurance

Being present in the business has made us trustworthy among our customers. We believe in providing policies that fit perfectly to the client’s needs and are compliant with the regulation. We have spread our business all over the city of Houston and suburbs and have firmed our grip in various locations.

We are proud of what we do and we have bought innovation to the industry with our services. At Penny Insurance, we are concerned to deal with our customers professionally with care.

Penny Insurance believes that fair pricing and good customer service is the right of our clients. Our team is committed to providing the best quality insurance services with the lowest rates possible.

We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our customers so that we can continue providing our best services for the years to come. Our strength lies in our team which takes care of the peace of mind of our customers. We have truly diverse insurance policies to choose from. Our insurance policies got you covered from the most basic plans to the extremely premium plans.

Our Story

Our founders wanted a change in the current insurance services industry and they went out to bring that change with Penny Insurance.

We started our journey as a team and since day one we have been growing every day. We believe in innovation and integrity this allows us to reach out for enhanced customer service.

By working restlessly and being able to accomplish our goals early in a professional career we have been able to include the essence of innovation. Our struggles have turned out fruitful and landed positive results within a couple of months.

We still have objectives to reach and the list keeps growing, this is what pushes us to perform better than yesterday while tackling all challenges that come with these goals.

Our Team

Our team has made Penny Insurance possible and without their efforts, Penny Insurance wouldn’t have survived day one. Being master of their work, professionals at Penny Insurance have made it possible for the company to reach its standards.

Everyone can deliver results but not everyone can deliver long-lasting results regularly. This makes our team the best in what they do. Handling day to day tasks delicately has further polished our individuals to perform perfectly in providing insurance services. With everyone being at top of their game we have a highly motivated staff who is eager to work and provide the best service.

John Doe

President and CEO

Our President, (Name of the person), also holds the prestige to be the CEO of our Company. By providing inspired leadership companywide Penny Insurance has grown from a name to a brand. With the true qualities of a leader, our president being the face of the company leads Penny Insurance to be the best in the industry.

John Doe


Our COO, (Name of the person), works as an exemplary member of our senior management by handling day to day administration and operations. (Name of the person) handles the role to manage internal affairs and handle different departments’ demands.

Vice President

Vice President

Our VP, (Name of the person), further makes our innovation possible by providing new implementing strategies and working with new standards. The leadership possessed by, (Name of the person), motivates the team to find the right direction of work, and execute excellence every single time.

John Doe

Director of Sales & Marketing

Our Director of Sales & Marketing, (Name of the person), is always at work to deliver a new approach to the market and making sure new techniques are implemented for better results. (Name of the person), studies hard about what is present in the market and how can we make it better with our ideas and include it in our process.

John Doe

Director of Operating

Our Director of Operating, (Name of the person), introduced the concept of Kaizen within our company. Since day one we have been working hard to include Kaizen in our business and we can see the growth it has brought. (Name of the person) has made us where we stand today and our company will stay thankful for their efforts.

Vice President

Director of Accounting & finance

Our Director of Accounting & finance, (Name of the person), introduced the latest financial software to our company making us more focused on customers rather than on numbers. The exceptional services we have been able to provide our customers have been possible because of, (Name of the person).

John Doe

Customer Service Manager

Our Customer Service Manager, (Name of the person), is someone to whom our every customer is thankful. (Name of the person), has made it possible to never leave any of our clients unsatisfied no matter what. (Name of the person), has built the essential trust in our company and made us keep our reputation.

John Doe

Sales & Service Agent

Our Sales & Service Agent, are the real heroes who make it possible for our company to run. They are the backbone that holds our company together and gives our customers’ services they expect. The face you see at Penny Insurance is one of our Sales & Service Agent who is sincere and committed to his/her work.