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Auto Insurance and Motorcycle Insurance

Personal auto insurance is important in many states and it helps you to get some financial coverage when you happen to have an accident. The question is it enough to have such coverage? Or do you need more? Here you will know how insurance works and what is best for you?

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Home Insurance

Homeowner insurance is there to cover for rebuilding or repairing your house in case hail, lightning, hurricane, or other natural disasters are written in the insurance policy. A lot of insurance companies might even cover for the detached structures like toolshed, gazebo, or a garage.

SR-22 Insurance

Financial responsibility insurance certificate also known as SR-22 insurance is a certificate for motor vehicle liability insurance. Penny Insurance will help you in getting a low rate of SR-22 that will comply with the minimum requirement according to law. We will also notify your state if an SR-22 is canceled, lapsed, or terminated.

Surety Bonds

A surety is a type of financial credit called a bond guarantee. The transaction will always include three parties: the surety, the principal, and the obligee. A surety bond is to protect the obligee in an event of default against the charges for losses and the limit of the bond, which arises due to the principal party failing to give its commitment.

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Telemedicine Insurance

To make it simple telemedicine means getting in touch with healthcare providers using technology rather than personally visiting a doctor or a hospital.

Tourist Insurance

Tourist insurance is the visitor’s insurance required to be bought when you are traveling from your home country to somewhere internationally. The insurance is for a short duration and is also referred to as travel health insurance.