About SR-22 Insurance

Financial responsibility insurance certificate also known as SR-22 insurance is a certificate for motor vehicle liability insurance. Penny Insurance will help you in getting a low rate of SR-22 that will comply with the minimum requirement according to law. We will also notify your state if an SR-22 is canceled, lapsed, or terminated.

If your driving license has been suspended due to a car crash, judgment, or conviction you need an SR-22 with DPS and have a minimum coverage according to the law of the state. An insurance policy or insurance card doesn’t cover the SR-22.

Reasons Drivers Get an SR-22?

Drivers need an SR-22 certificate for various reasons but they need it the most due to the basic requirement according to the state’s law. The other common reasons include:

  • Not having an auto insurance
  • DWI or DUI or any serious driving violation
  • Being on fault and driving without an auto insurance
  • Traffic rules violation or too many tickets in a shorter time
  • A suspended or revoked license

Will an SR-22 Certificate Raise Auto Insurance Rates?

It is questionable that having an SR-22 certificate will raise the rates of your insurance. It depends on the reason you got an SR-22, but your insurer can increase the rate for the reason you got one. If you have got a raise in your insurance give a call at Penny Insurance and we will help you get the same insurance at a lower rate.

Do I still need to file an SR-22 even if I don’t own a car?

You are needed to get SR-22 even if you are not a car owner. Driving a rented or borrowed car you might get into an accident and hold accountable for the damage caused or personal injury. You will be required to buy a non-owner SR-22 policy for the above-mentioned reason, you might also need one if you get your license suspended.

If you need to comply with SR-22, contact our agents at Penny Insurance to file the documents according to the state’s requirement.

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