What is tourist insurance?

Tourist insurance is the visitor’s insurance required to be bought when you are traveling from your home country to somewhere internationally. The insurance is for a short duration and is also referred to as travel health insurance.

What does a tourist insurance cover?

Tourist insurance covers your healthcare expenses abroad like injuries or accidents which might occur after the insurance date starts. It doesn’t provide reimburses for pre-existing health problems like elective procedures or checkups. Some plans do cover the pre-existing conditions for a specific age group.

I am healthy. I don’t need tourist insurance?

It is commonly considered that healthy people don’t need tourist insurance. The probability of you in need of a new medical condition at any given time is high. Tourist insurance is not only for sick people, it is for something unexpected or unforeseen that you can’t even imagine happening to a healthy person. When on international travel it doesn’t mean you are free from dangers, tourist insurance covers for the upset stomach, diarrhea, jet lag problems, motion sickness, fever, flu, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and many other medical conditions that might happen to a tourist.

Why have tourist insurance? When I own health insurance

The insurance you have in your home country won’t probably provide your health coverage outside the country. Even if you get medical coverage internationally the treatment will be out of network, highly expensive, and highly deductible. It is extremely rare for your home country insurance to cover travel-related benefits like repartition of the mortal remains and emergency medical evacuation.

If you are injured or have fallen sick abroad, many hospitals will require proof that you will pay the medical expenses or they may need a huge upfront payment even if it is a life-threatening situation. The insurance you have might not be able to provide a guarantee in time or you can’t seem to gather up the lump sum amount in time. This is why having tourist insurance is important.

What is the use of tourist insurance with pre-existing medical conditions?

Tourist insurance is a short term medical coverage which doesn’t cover every medical condition, but you can’t completely ignore the risk of medical conditions. But you can save lots of money by tourist insurance which might also cover pre-existing medical conditions till a specific age.

Why should I waste my money buying tourist insurance?

Although hospitals in the U.S. can’t refuse help in life-threatening scenarios, it doesn’t mean they will provide full treatment for free. The hospitals will help to stabilize the situation and it comes with a financial cost.

Hospitals will ask for the payment from your trip sponsor or the person who took you to the hospital. They will demand a financial guarantor with a social security number, keep in mind that most hospitals are privately owned and they are running to make profits and they know pretty well how to handle such tourists. With time hospitals are well aware of how to get paid by you or your relatives. So be smart and at least purchase tourist insurance when coming to the U.S. or going abroad, as the medical expenses can become a burden.

My Credit Card Company covers my tourist insurance

You should look into the statements of your credit card company that what type of tourist insurance they are providing. Generally, the amount covered is so small that it is not beneficiary for you. Some might not even cover you for getting sick but might cover for the rental damage or alike. A lot of credit card companies don’t give the perfect tourist insurance that’s why insurance companies handle such matters.

Why should I buy tourist insurance for short duration travels?

Even for a second, you can’t assume that you won’t be harmed especially in a foreign nation. If your time duration for stay is very short then your insurance will cost even less. You get another reason to buy one, so you don’t have to worry about the unexpected accident, injuries, or sickness.

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