Preparing Your Car for winter

Preparing Your Car for winter

Winter is the time when your old tire starts to lose its grip on the road. The weather can be harsh for you and your car and it is best to start preparing as soon as possible.

Icy windshields

Seeing sparkling glaze on your windshield is amongst the signs of winter being near. Pour some water onto your windshield but make sure it is at room temperature as extreme temperature change from freezing to hot can crack the screen underneath the ice. The water will help melt the ice. You can also speed up the process by turning on your car’s defroster.

Adjust your tire pressure

The pressure of your car tires in cold weather gets contracted and decreases. Keep a check if your tire pressure is normal before going out. You will see this behavior mostly with sudden changes in temperatures, make sure the air pressure is at the right level in such times.

Check for tire treading

Check the treads on your car tires other than your tire pressure to see if you have enough depth left before going out. Having right air pressure in tires and treads helps with grip on the road. Loss of friction can become trouble for you on the road so keep in check if your car tires are in good condition.

Inspect your brakes

Breaks are the most important aspect to keep in check year-round.  Pay special attention to brakes in winter, as it can become a cause for life and death situations. Without proper brakes, you are at risk to safely stop your car and steer your car to safety on icy roads.

Winter can impact your vehicle in many ways and especially when it takes a harsh turn. The car inspection is not limited to brake, tire treads, and tire pressure. Before going out in winters, make the inspection a part of your daily ritual, check the battery, fluids, tires, etc. as all this will help in the long run.

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